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From Year 1 group discussion

Some of the great key words below that both Groups 1 & 2 came up with when describing their experience at the Tim Walker exhibition this week in Generic Fashion.
Variety / Freshness / Inspiring / Playful / Interesting / Storytelling / Experimentation / Visionary / Theatrical / Complex / Highly-Developed / Fairytale / Surrealsim Vs Realism / Mesmorising / Fantasy / Imaginative / Childs' Perspective / Amazing / Dolly / Colourful / Creepy & Eerie / Nostalgia / Overwhelming / Magical
We are all the audience, enjoy!

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Love Neon Art? Welcome to..

Circus of Soho, 47 Beak Street, London W1F 9SE
Opening times 10am - 8pm 6 Days a week.
Sunday 10am to 5pm.
Featuring the personal collection of neon sign maker Chris Bracey, Gods Own Junkyard.

Gods Own Junkyard
Neon exhibitions don't come along everyday so if you are a fan of the classic lighting sign, this is one exhibition you should not miss. Spread out over three floors and featuring retro, vintage and current day neon signs and art, this is one location where wearing your sunglasses indoors will not make you look stupid.
Neon retrospective
Chris Bracey is a master sign maker and neon art fan, and has been adding to his collection over the past 30 years. With his own personal collection on display in the Gods Own Junkyard neon exhibition, Chris is inviting everyone in the Carnaby area to come and see his unique collection, some of which has featured in several major films.

Neon on screen
From signs saying Peep Show to the classic flashing Girls Girls, many of the pieces on display in the Gods Own Junkyard neon exhibition will be recognisable from the world of cinema. With films such as Eyes Wide Shut, Batman, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Tomb Raider on their credits, these neon signs are almost as famous as the faces of the actors alongside them.

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Jeanne Lanvin at work

Jeanne Lanvin at work

A rare piece of fashion history offers a grainy glimpse into the world of Jeanne Lanvin.

Leggy Grandfather Strikes A Pose!

72-year-old grandfather models women's clothes, becomes internet sensation

What is this, I don't even? A 72-year-old grandfather, Liu Xianping, has become something of an internet sensation after he began modelling for his granddaughter's online clothing store.
Liu's granddaughter runs Yuekou, a partnership between herself and four other recent college graduates. While Liu was helping the girls unpack, "he picked up one piece and tried to give some advice on how to mix and match. We thought it was fun so we started shooting."

"Why unacceptable (for someone like me to wear women’s clothes? Modelling for the store is helping my granddaughter and I have nothing to lose. We were very happy on the day of the shooting. I’m very old and all that I care about is to be happy."
The store's sales have apparently increased fivefold since Liu starting modelling. Netizens have compared Liu to Karl Lagerfeld and expressed jealousy over his slender legs.
via @shanghaiist / http://shanghaiist.com/2012/11/16/72-year-old_grandfather_models_wome.php

Thursday, 15 November 2012

♥ It's Minnie Mouse, it's Disney, it's Bliss ♥

Disney & Barney's NYC present "Electric Holidays"

♥ Stratospheric line-up of cameo big names - this is such good fun ♥
 ♥ Daphne Guinness in Gareth Pugh, Carine Roitfeld & Naomi Campbell, gulp! ♥
  ♥ Goofy in Balmain by Olivier Rousteing ♥
♥ Minnie Mouse in Lanvin by Alber Elbaz ♥

Inspiration: Scrapbooks, Ingredients & Cecil Beaton

Year 1 Trip: Tim Walker: Monday 19th November
Group 1 @ 11:00am / Group 2 @ 1:00pm
The Power of scrapbooks

Culture Now: Alasdair McLellan

Culture Now: 
Alasdair McLellan in conversation with Jo-Ann Furniss
Friday 16th November 2012 @ 1:00pm
Alasdair McLellan and Jo-Ann Furniss have worked alongside one another on magazines for many years. Their main collaboration has been developed through multiple commissioned shoots for Arena Homme+, one of menswear’s most progressive magazines.

Alasdair McLellan is a fashion photographer at the forefront of the industry. Born in Doncaster, McLellan studied photography at Nottingham before later relocating to London. Here, his work gained considerable attention, and as a result, he was commissioned to do shoots for bothArena Homme+ and i-D magazine, including his own entire issue of i-D. With a style deeply imbued in its regional roots, McLellan’s work is renowned for its distinctive British sensibility. McLellan’s most iconic series of portraits, Lads, has recently featured in a show called Never Gonna Give You Up at the Berlin-based 032c workshop. McLellan’s work has appeared in multiple editions of VogueSelf Service and The New York Times. He has worked on advertising campaigns for Louis Vuitton, Alexander McQueen, Emporio Armani and Calvin Klein.

Jo-Ann Furniss is an editor, creative director and writer based in London. She has worked on multiple publications including i-DThe Face and AnOther magazine and has been a frequent contributor to many more such as Style.comAnother Man and Love. Furniss’ most long-standing role has been at Arena Homme+, where she was editor in chief between 2004 and 2011. Working with various brands including Mugler, Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior, Furniss has established herself as a prominent figure in fashion media. Her writing has appeared in numerous books and she is the co-author/editor of ‘Making It Up As We Go Along’, the book charting Dazed and Confused magazines 20-year history. Most recently, Furniss has contributed to the accompanying book to the ‘Louis Vuitton / Marc Jacobs’ exhibition at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, Paris.
*extract from http://www.ica.org.uk/34507/Talks/Culture-Now-Alasdair-McLellan-in-conversation-with-JoAnn-Furniss.html 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Year 2: FSH2936 students from Pam Simpson

YR 1 Feedback for YR 2 students:
Available NOW until Nov 30th 2012

 To those of you who did not have a chance to read their yr 1 feedback when it
 was available on unihub in the early summer, John Parkinson has re rostered
 you individually onto the module, after persuasion, really good of him; you
  can go back and look at the feedback, but only between now and the 30th NOV!
 If you cannot see your feedback, also look in the grademark section comments.
Best regards, be aware it will go for good on the 30th Nov!
 Pam. x.